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2015-12-23 12:21:50 UTC Progress on Gradual Typing | Lambda the Ultimate Many languages are beginning to integrate dynamic and static typing. Siek and Taha offered gradual typing as an approach to this integration that provides the benefits of a coherent and full-span migration between the two dis
2015-12-23 12:43:47 UTC Ziggurat iOS App Architecture One-way data flow prevented MVC spaghetti and shrank view controllers drastically. Immutable types, smaller objects (preferably structs), and more layers reduce mental overhead. It’s also e
2015-12-23 23:30:06 UTC Ziggurat iOS App Architecture is flouted.
2016-01-03 22:03:04 UTC Merge pull request #27 from syohex/support-other-than-macosx · kyanny/ghn@a1b0eb0 def open_command + @open_command ||= + case RbConfig::CONFIG['host_os'] + when /darwin/ + 'open' + when /linux|bsd/ + 'xdg-open' + when /mswin|mingw|cygwin/ + 'start' + end + end
2016-03-23 23:43:57 UTC Four Sets of Identical Twins Staged a Time Travel Prank on an NYC Subway Most NYC subway riders are pretty blasé when panhandlers hit them up for cash between stations. When a panhandler announced he was collecting funds to build a time machine, rid
2016-11-01 06:25:28 UTC Quipper Back Office Aya - android
2017-01-09 08:03:43 UTC How Come Nobody Cares About UML in 2013? | Beyond Java I suppose that’s the most important feature why UML ceased to be en vogue. Modern IDEs do a pretty decent job when it comes to reveal the source code’s hidden structure. Every IDE knows how to
2017-03-12 00:53:34 UTC ECMAScript® 2017 Language Specification edition) codified de facto interpretations of the language specification that have become common among browser implementations and added
2017-04-17 17:23:11 UTC About Amazon - 2016 Letter to Shareholders Staying in Day 1 requires you to experiment patiently, accept failures, plant seeds, protect saplings, and double down when you see customer delight. A customer-obsessed culture best creates the conditions where all of th
2017-05-21 23:51:33 UTC This is What Google Said About Progressive Web Apps at I/O - Thurrott.com s 10 and Android user bases above, but the size of the web audience—over 5 billion devices are connected to the web now—dwarfs both. This is the biggest platform in the world, and it’s bigger than any device platform. By far.